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The term "Halal" is used in the Islamic scripture, the Qur'an, to mean "acceptable, permissible, lawful," and when applied to food or other consumer products, it means "Permissible for consumption and utilization by Muslim.

The word 'Haram' means 'Prohibited' and is used to refer to food or consumer products that are strictly forbidden to Muslims.

Halal is one of the dietary rules of Islam, which clearly defines what you can and cannot eat at meals. In Islam, only animals that are halal can be eaten, and failure to comply is considered a dietary violation.

Halal animals must meet the following conditions according to Islam: first, the animal must be in good physical condition and health according to Islam. Also, the knife used to slaughter the animal must be very sharp, and care must be taken to ensure that the animal does not feel any pain when it is slaughtered.

Halal slaughter must be performed by a professional in accordance with Islamic regulations, which is why Islamic slaughterhouses are staffed by experienced professionals. When an animal is slaughtered, evidence of this must be left behind, including the name of the professional who slaughtered it, the type of animal, and the time and date of the slaughter.

Halal certification is the certification of products that comply with these halal regulations. Products with halal certification use raw materials from halal animals and are produced in accordance with halal regulations. For this reason, halal certification plays a very important role in the food market, and products that comply are purchased and consumed not only by many Muslims, but also by people of other religions and races.

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