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Healthy Beauty, Vegan Beauty

The vegan beauty, eco-friendly, and health trends have led consumers to pay attention to the ingredients in their products, and these behaviors are translating into product quality, with companies striving to create products in a more ethical way. Korean cosmetics manufacturers are also responding to this trend by launching makeup products, especially in the vegan skincare category, to gain a competitive edge. As vegan cosmetics expand, so do vegan hair dyes. The advantage of vegan hair dye is that it is less odorous and irritating than regular hair dye because it uses plant-based ingredients.

Interest in vegan cosmetics is expected to surge due to the growing consumer awareness of "good consumption" and "ethical consumption," especially among millennials and Generation Z (MZ), who were born after the mid-1990s, as the trend of "meaning out," or consuming according to one's beliefs and values, has emerged.

There is a growing interest in cosmetic products and their packaging. Recently, Innisfree released the "Green Tea Seed Serum Paper Bottle Limited Edition" (Paper Bottle). The paper bottle is a plastic-reducing product that reduces the amount of plastic used and increases the recycling rate by using a colorless PE material as a container for cosmetics. The outer surface is wrapped with a paper label. On the outside of the paper bottle, it says "HELLO, I'M PAPER BOTTLE" in English, but it is actually a plastic container, so it has received a lot of attention and negative comments about greenwashing.

However, it is also true that it was made with 51.8% less plastic than the previous product, so there were many people who thought that the company's efforts to go green should be viewed positively. This shows that consumers are increasingly interested in eco-friendliness and have high expectations. Companies will have to work harder to keep up with consumer interest and expectations.

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