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K-beauty Trends, 2023

In 2023, South Korea lifted its indoor mask mandate, revealing lips, skin, and more that had been hidden by masks, spurring interest in color and related beauty products.

One of the biggest beauty trends in Korea in 2023 is 'water glow'. Going beyond moisture, watery glow has been seen in both base makeup and lip makeup, which are skin expressions.

In the past, Korean base makeup trends were either dewy skin with thin coverage or matte skin with thick coverage. However, in 2023, the point of base makeup is not just moisture, but a bouncy, smooth, and shiny look with thin coverage and a transparent, glossy film covering the skin.

Even though the mandatory wearing of masks has been lifted, there are still places where masks are required, and people still prefer to wear a thin layer of base makeup on their skin.

This watery trend, which is characterized by clear and hydrated skin, also puts a lot of emphasis on skin care, so skincare products have been in high demand as well, with the popularity of so-called "toner pads" skyrocketing due to their ease of use and versatility, as one toner pad can be used to cleanse the skin and replace skin lotions and masks.

Next up, the lip is another one of Korean beauty's signature makeup looks. In 2022, before the unmasking, lip makeup trended toward a velvety finish that didn't show through the mask, but in 2023, lips with a "watered-down" glossy finish are gaining popularity to match the unmasking and glossy skin look.

Environmental and animal welfare concerns will become even more important in the beauty industry in 2023. Many consumers are looking for sustainable and environmentally friendly products, and it's becoming more important for brands to respond. The Korean beauty industry is also launching products that meet these concerns.

These include vegan products that do not use animal ingredients and eco-friendly products that are environmentally friendly. These products are healthier for the skin, while also raising awareness about the environment and animal welfare.

Finally, the Korean beauty industry is adopting the latest technologies to launch more effective products. For example, skincare products are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics to provide personalized care for skin conditions. In addition, the Korean beauty industry in 2023 is not only focusing on skincare, but also on makeup products. In particular, brands are launching products that combine long-lasting makeup with natural expression.

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